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Jane's Page

Okay, so this is my page, and I can do anything I want to here.
This sentence is bold.
But this one is italic.
Which is more important?
Not a lot of font choices, but we don't need anything fancy.
  1. Arial (Not the Little Mermaid.)
  2. Comic Sans (I've used this one a lot!)
  3. Georgia (Do people in Georgia like this one?)
  4. Palatino (Very high-brow!)
  5. Times New Roman (Where is the old Roman?)
  6. Verdana (I think I will stick with this, it's easy to read.)
A Table can be very useful for sorting or arranging items.
Date Event Place Name
28 Feb 1890 Birth Roy, Douglas County, Missouri William Elmer Irish
2 Oct 1892 Birth Willshire, Van Wert County, Ohio Blanche Leota Lhamon
1913 Marriage Scottville, Mason Couny, Michigan William Elmer Irish & Blanche Leota Lhamon
This is really big! That means it's important.
But I will stick with smaller, though I think this is too small.
How about this one?

http://cyndislist.org is a very helpful website full of information for genealogists. 
What color do you like?
Cyndi likes purple and so do I!
Dark colors are best, on a light background. Much easier to read, especially on the screen.
How does this look? Dark purple on a lavender background? I like it, but you might like something else better!
This row is white. White
This row is blue. Blue
This one is orange. Orange
Enough Silliness!