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Mission / Purpose

Founded in early 2009, the Gendemosee Genealogical Society adopts and approves its mission to promote, educate and preserve our personal family history through the study of genealogical research and to assist in the preservation of the history of Gendemosee County. Through our membership, we shall
  • provide education about genealogical research and data recording.
  • offer assistance to individuals seeking to research their families.
  • acquire and collect genealogical and historical information to libraries and archives.

Operating Year: January 03, 2024 - January 02, 2025

President: Barney Rubble
Vice President: Freeman Persona
Secretary: Evie Emerson-Jackson
Treasurer: Mr. Sam Jackson, Sr.
Director at Large: John Public
Director at Large: Daisy Duck
Director at Large: Vacant
Membership: Evie Emerson-Jackson
Newsletter: Freebie Member
Technology / Webmaster: Demo Account

Meetings and Activities

MEETINGS: Our regular meetings are the 4th Tuesday of the month, 1:00 p.m., in the Generic Library Conference Room.  The agenda includes a short business meeting, a generic-related program and plenty of time for questions, discussion and sharing among friends. 
SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS meet monthly at times and locations decided upon by their members.  Currently there are groups for the study of German, English (Great Britain) and Italian history.  Additionally, there is a group who meet twice a month in the library computer lab for working on generic sites on the computer.
BASIC GENEALOGY CLASSES will be offered in January for newer genealogists.  The classes are held for two hours each week for six weeks.  All basic subjects in generic stuff are covered.  Students are taught the value of the Pedigree Chart, the color coding for electrical transistors, the Family Group Sheet, the Table of Periodic Elements, and the Ancestor/Family Timeline.
          The research and publication of the Generic County Marriage Records.
          The reading of the gravesites of Technology Cemetery and publication of this information.
          The acquisition, collection and preparation of generic books, family histories and other    
           genealogical materials for a designated Generic Department within the Generic County Library.